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Animate TetBlox 1.3

Animate TetBlox is an animated blocks game with wonderful background graphics
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Animate TetBlox is an animated block game with nice background pictures, graphics, option to change block sets and background sound support. Unlike other block games it provides us better graphics quality and more features. This game is basically designed for children but it can be a good entertainment for all family members. Here we can choose from five given game types which are Classic Tetris, Pentix, Color Tetris, Light Tetris and Horizontal Color Tetris. We can also play this game in two-player mode with three kind of difficulty level. All we need to have DirectX compatible video card and sound card to play this game.
Because it is mainly designed for children, it comes with a very simple but impressive user-interface with 2D graphics. We can play it with the keyboard, joystick and gamepad. It has very simple game rules therefore it will take no time to get familiar with it. Different pieces of blocks fall from the top of the playing area. We just have to arrange these boxes in order according to the game type we have selected. We can change the shape of the falling block and its speed with the keyboard or mouse. This game can be a good entertainment for all our family members especially for children.

Manoj Goel
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  • Two-player games are supported
  • Nice sound with entrancing birds singing
  • Five game types to choose from
  • Internet high score table


  • Only 2D graphics support
  • Requires DirectX compatible video and audio card support
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